Student Curriculum for the upcoming

2021 Spring Semester

Limited to 25 students.

This is a 16-week Comprehensive transformation program.

This program was designed to cover all the topics we consider essential to creating a well-rounded lover.

Each student will have access to a growing library of workouts, educational videos, interviews, and case studies.

Along with a recommended reading list,

and periodic homework assignments.

The student will be expected to complete a series of subject-specific tests, along with a  final presentation to receive semester credit.

*Extra credit will also be available*

Classes Subjects


-Anatomy of Male and Female Erectile Tissue

-Locating the G-spot and A-Spot

-How to make yourself Squirt (Ladies)

-How to have a Bi-gasm / Tri-gasm

-Techniques for effectively communicating your

sexual wants, needs, and desires in the bedroom


-cooking classes

-Basic Nutrition education

-How to Calculate Macros for a balanced diet


-Booty building

-Core & PC Muscles

-Flexibility & Mobility

-Weight Lifting

-Bodyweight HIIT

-Dance classes


-Mission, Vision & Purpose

-Personal Growth Hacks

-Morning & Night routines

-Developing a leadership Mindset


-Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails, Teeth, & Lashes

-Advanced Hygiene Practices

-Posture & Walking in heels

-Social & Professional Etiquette

-Fashion & Style


-Basics Financial Literacy & Cashflow

-Investing Systems & Techniques

House Management

-Hacks to maintaining a Clean Space

-Home Organization for efficiency

-Ambiance Home decore & design 

Tuition Fees = $799

(per 16 week Semester)

This may be paid-in-full or set up on a monthly payment plan.

This includes a class forum for open discussions and cross student accountability. Students may be required to submit a video of themselves completing specific courses (such as fitness or dance).

You will be expected to go through the program with the class as a group, as much as possible. Having a support system is key to success.

Our first year of student admissions will consist of invite only applications. 

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