Are you standing up?

Words you never want to hear someone say, " Are you sitting down?"

Usually these words are accompanied by some sort of bad news.

I want to share a way that a friend and I flip the script on our calls. When she shares with me something that I recognize is an accomplishment worth celebrating (big or small) I ask her, "Are you standing?" Immediately she knows what's coming next... If she is sitting, she stands up and if she is standing, she confirms.

Then, we... CELEBRATE! We jump up and down, yelling and clapping, dancing, hooting and hollering at the top of our lungs.

It feels INCREDIBLE! Celebrating HER accomplishments gives ME energy and boosts my mood.

It changes my state, and she gets to FEEL the excitement of the accomplishment without letting it slip by uncelebrated.

That infuses emotion and energy into the moment, elevating its importance in our minds, attracting more of it towards you.

You get opportunities every single day to celebrate your wins. Are you taking advantage of Acknowledging the abundance that is already in your life?

Find a quarter on the street? Win. Celebrate!

New recipe came out delicious? Win. Celebrate!

Still sober for the month of October. Win. Celebrate!

New client? Win. Celebrate!

Booked a trip for you and your partner? Win. Celebrate!

You get the idea.

I hope you have friends who encourage you to stand up and celebrate your accomplishments. No matter how awkward and goofy you may look from the outside. When has that stopped you before? 😉

Do you celebrate the little things?

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