To Love & Be Loved

To Share Love, Teach Love,

Encourage Love, & Live in Love.

6x National Champion dancer

2006 - 2010

ACE Certified group fitness trainer

since 2015

Self-Published my first Ebook Kickstart Health

in 2018

wbff - bikini Division

3rd place in 2017

ACE Certified FITNESS nutrition specialist

since 2019

Completed the worlds

highest tandem skydive

at 18,000ft in dec 2018

Success resources America quantum leap and all access member since 2018

Success Resources America's

Train The trainer

graduate 2019

Airbnb Superhost

since 2017

SHS Dazzler Alumni

4-year member


Background & Certifications


Enlightened warrior

training camp

graduate 2019

started my first

business in 2014 at 21

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

since 2020

Newest Certifications

A total of 12 courses, students spend over 60 hours studying video, audio, and print materials.


Relationship coaching for couples is one of the most rewarding careers because it helps people improve the quality of their love lives. Whether they are dating, engaged, beginning a new relationship, married or in a committed partnership, it's possible to teach them how to rekindle romance, intimacy, and passion. 

A total of 38 courses and spend over 300 hours studying video, audio and print materials. 


These courses prepare students for almost any topic that could come up in modern day relationships. Coaches are educated to listen to relationship issues ranging from couples communication to taboos bedroom activities, and provide singles & couples with an action plan for achieving their goals.

 A total of 16 courses and spend over 150 hours studying video, audio, and print materials. 


Sexpert, Sex Educator, Sex Coach, Sex Expert, Sexuality Expert, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Sex Blogger or Writer, Sexual Health Educator or a Pleasure Products Professional or Pleasure Party Consultant. Graduation from this program entitles the student to teach other adults about human sexuality and how to empower their intimate lives.

Hello lovely. πŸ™‚


I am a "creative" who loves learning new skills that I can continue to apply to both my business & personal life.


Over the years, I have done everything from skydiving to managing real estate, competing on a national level with my high school dance team, WBFF Bikini competition, I have written 2 books and even worked as an executive assistant in a law office. 


I have always been a hard-working woman with many talents and skills. I don't limit my view of myself, based on what and who I am today. Instead, I continuously educate myself with the understanding that I can always adapt to become better tomorrow, through learning and application.


Being someone who has been regarded as an "old soul" by adults around me since I was a child. Naturally, I regularly get requests from those around me for advice in all areas of life. I am known by many as a great listener, with a big heart, and a strong desire to help. 


Over the last 8 years, I have focused heavily on personal growth, fitness, nutrition, business, finances, and investments. Reading books, watching videos, attending conferences, investing over 20K in business & personal growth seminars.


In recent years my areas of interest have been shifting and expanding more into love, intimacy, and the study of human sexuality. As my desire to help couples enhance their romantic intimacy grows.


Currently, I am expanding my knowledge through the completion of Loveology University's Master Love Coach & Sexologist Certification.


Wishing you a healthy, successful & pleasureful day,

~Mistress Swan

Build your knowledge base and credibility with high-quality Certifications

These are the Companies I partnered with for my education.

Business &

Personal Growth

Through these courses, I have become a certified stage Trainer.

With an ability to present an engaging accelerated learning experience for audiences of any size, large or small.


I have also gained the knowledge necessary to develop my own online courses, as well as lead workshops both online and in-person.

Sexology &

Love Coaching

Through these courses, I developed a comprehensive understanding of Sexuality and Relationships.


Giving me the ability to share shame-free sexual education with individuals and couples. Guiding them to a higher level of pleasure, connection, love & intimacy.

Fitness & Nutrition

Through these courses, I have developed a deep understanding of human Anatomy and Biology, the functions of the body during physical fitness, how nutrition plays a role in chronic illness & how to train for optimal health in any stage of life.


With this knowledge, I can safely and effectively assist students through the stages of behavior change to develop lasting habits that create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.   

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