6 Weeks 2 Sexy

Online Video Course

Helping women cultivate their

Feminine Power

from the inside out

6 Weeks 2 Sexy

Online Video Course

Are you tired of feeling distant and disconnected from your significant other?

Do you want to reignite your relational flame & develop the skills to keep it burning bright?

Do you want to feel more pleasure in your day to day life?

Are you ready to heal your relationship with yourself, and step into your feminine power?

Great! This course was created with YOU in mind.

I started on my journey towards my own sexual liberation about 5 years ago.

After being raised in an extremely religious and conservative family, it took me quite

a lot of intentional work to release the extreme shame I held onto around sex.

Now, I realize how important our sexuality is to maintaining a healthy life, 

and long term relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. 

Here's what you can expect from this program:

1. You will be equipt with the tools to begin the journey

to healing your physical & mental health.

2. You will learn about techniques to

work through & fend off feelings of depression.

3. You will learn about female sexual anatomy

& develop a higher level of cliteracy.

4. You will become more familiar with your own body

& what turns you on.

5. You will find encouragement around daily self-pleasure & acceptance 

of how your unique sexuality shines through.

6. You will learn about how your wardrobe choices

affect your mood & confidence. 

7. You will learn the basics of seduction, sensuality & how to use

body language to attract what you desire.

8. You will discover ways to balance your

masculine (yin) and feminine (yang) energies.

9. Tips and tricks to take your sex life to

the next level of pleasure, for both you & your partner.

10. Your comfort level with talking about sex and sexuality

will expand exponentially.



Next group Starts Nov 1st

Pricing = $997


This course is a 6 week, self-lead video program (you can complete it in any timeframe that works best for you, 6 weeks is simply the recommendation).


It will include daily videos and weekly challenges aimed at helping you reestablish health habits that will have you feeling sexier in a matter of weeks. 

This program is partially a health challenge, including nutrition facts and fitness recommendations. We also will discuss mindset, wardrobe, hygiene, and self-love.

If you would like a taste of what the Swan Academy Semesters are like, this program is the framework for those courses. This is where I would recommend everyone start to establish the foundational healthy habits, and beliefs that make up the Swan Academy. If you are looking for more depth, after you complete 6W2S, then I would recommend applying for your first semester at the Swan Academy.

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